Judy Wigs Welcomes the Warm Weather with a Full Line of Spring & Summer Wig Styles

Spring is in the air with Summer on the way, and with the new season approaching, there are new demands and trends for “cooler” hair styles.

Among the many wig collections at Judy Wigs, we offer a large selection of wigs that provide our customers with a chic and comfortable look for the summer months. We are proud to have created wigs that make women feel natural, beautiful and happy for every season and occasion.

Pony Tail WigThe Pony Tail wig (Custom Design Collection), which is a long layered wig with a multidirectional top and a stretch lace cap, is the most popular style throughout the year and especially in the summer. Our Pony Tail wig is specially designed with long layered hair, a much lighter weight and a natural hairline for the most natural, comfortable look. As the saying goes: “There is only one proper way to wear beautiful hair – to forget you’re wearing it.” For those customers that prefer longer wigs, this is a great solution so that you can keep the hair off your back without giving up the hair altogether.

The favorite summer styles are the Lola and Retro Bob wigs.

The Lola wig (Star Collection) is a short layered bob with a multidirectional top and a stretch lace cap.

The Retro Bob is a layered bob with a multidirectional top and a stretch lace cap. You don’t have to worry about those heavy wigs with hair covering your neck and back as you struggle with the rising outdoor temperatures. These wigs will help keep you cool and comfortable. They’re so light and natural, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a wig.

We believe that every woman has a natural style all her own, and her wigs accentuate the individual style, beauty and spirit of every woman. We view every wig and every woman who will wear it, as a beauty waiting to blossom. Our selection of styles and hair types offer every woman the elegance and unmistakable grace she desires and deserves.

Call Judy Wigs at (866) JUDY-WIGS to schedule a free consultation and to find out more about our exclusive summer collections!

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Refashion your Wig with the Fall 2012 Hairstyles

Judy Wigs Custom Design Wig - HopeSummer is officially over, and we’re bringing in Fall with the latest fashions and trends. Whether you like the straight or curly, long or short, casual or dressy, Judy Wigs has the perfect wig for you. We have the largest selection of wig styles and colors, and you can purchase a wig online or through any of our qualified retailers around the globe.

Our featured wig for the upcoming season is Hope, a Custom Design, long layered wig. It is a 21” straight wig with bangs and body. The wig construction is a stretch lace cap and a multidirectional top. We recommend this wig for both the great style and versatility. Pin it up, wear it down, keep it straight or add some extra bounce – it will definitely give you that beautiful, natural look that you deserve. Whether it’s for fun, fashion, convenience or to compensate for thinning hair or medical hair loss, our wigs help your natural beauty and confidence shine through.

We know you’ll love our collections… We made them just for you!

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Wigs – Making a Fabulous Fashion Statement!

What do you think of when you see a wig? I used to associate wigs with medical hair loss or as a Jewish hair covering. Over the last few years, as fashion go’s forward wigs have become very trendy as they are used by celebrities, hair stylists and anybody just looking to get a new look any day. If you cut your hair to chin length, you can’t expect it to grow back overnight for a longer style. Wigs give you the flexibility to have a layered bob one day, a pony tail the next day and then a beautiful long layered wig for a fancy evening event. Maybe you’ell decide to start with your natural darker hair color for the wig and spontaneously choose to “go blond”. If you can add variety to your wardrobe with different colors and styles, why not do the same to your hair with some different wigs? Call Judy Wigs at (866) JUDY-WIGS to schedule a free consultation and find out how we can give you the ultimate wig wardrobe!

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Judy Wig

  1. For over 40 years, Judy Wigs has been and still is a leader in quality, beauty, and dependability.
  2. Many of our repeat clients come from generations within single families! Their loyalty simply means that we are doing our jobs properly, while offering the highest quality wigs available!
  3. All of our wigs are lightweight, comfortable and natural looking.
  4. “Judy Hair Tech” has combined the traditional skills of hair styling with the newest technological advances in hair which allows every customer to enjoy Judy’s wigs in long lasting luxury, style & comfort.
  5. Whether it’s for fun, fashion, convenience or to compensate for thinning hair or medical hair loss, our wigs help your natural beauty and confidence shine through.
  6. We’ve got the wig style you’re looking for — whether it’s straight wigs or curly wigs, short wigs or long wigs, layered or simple — in a huge variety of gorgeous, natural-looking colors.
  7. In many medical hair loss cases, your Health Insurance will cover the purchase of your new Judy Wig.
  8. Judy Wigs manufactures custom wigs and offers a variety of custom salon services for wig styling, rejuvenating and repairs.
  9. A Judy Wig brings out the best in every woman whether running the show, on the run, or on the runway!
  10. All of our hair is guaranteed to be the best, whether purchased in a wig, hairpiece or extensions. If your wig has the JUDY name in it you can be sure that it carries with it the promise of perfection.

Don’t take it from us! See what our customers have to say

Judy Wigs are more than a hairstyle… they are a lifestyle!

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Take the Plunge and Cut Your Wig!

Following the latest hair styles and trends as the season changes, many women have been coming in to the salon to get a new look. Whether you go with short layers, a layered bob or a more tapered style, Judy Wigs has the perfect chic styles to suit your tastes. Although the long wigs are still very popular and attractive, the shorter styles have the effect of displaying personality, pizzazz and often a hint of maturity. Come in to the salon to update your long style into a springy, cool and fashionable look. Judy Wigs has the largest selection of wig styles and colors with retailers around the world to help you choose a wig. We encourage our customers and all wig wearers to express their individuality through their hairstyle. You should feel comfortable and confident when you wear your wig, and at Judy Wigs, we make that our priority. We are always “hair” for you.

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Hair-Tech Quality Wigs and Individualism

Judy Wigs has taken advantage of some of the newest technology to enhance our unique line of wigs. The wigs are produced using innovative and advanced technology with breathing and comfortable fabric. Every wig from our factory is made to meet the highest quality standards to be long lasting, natural looking and comfortable to wear.

By treating your wig correctly, you will be able to wear it and enjoy it for a long time to come. Learn more about how to care for your wig.

Every woman can and should love the way she looks. She should radiate inner-beauty and confidence, and feel vitality and excitement about her hair. Express your individualism by choosing the style that suits you best.

Judy’s hair collection has it all in the comprehensive wig style gallery - Bob, long layered, short layered…

Individualism is the key to our collection. Each wig is styled with its own stamp and identity. Judy Wigs combines the elements of asymmetry with geometric form for ultimate styling options.

Choose a Judy wig & feel wonderful knowing you look your best!

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Caring for and Maintaining a Wig

The best way to take care of your wig is to treat it as well as your own hair. All the rules of washing, drying and wearing apply to both your natural hair and your natural hair wig.

Washing a wig: A wig made of natural hair needs nourishment and care just like your own hair. This means your wig should be shampooed, conditioned and nourished at least once every 5-6 weeks. We recommend that you have this done by a professional stylist.

Drying a wig: When you wash your wig, allow the wig to dry in an open area until slightly damp before blow-drying. When you blow-dry the wig, keep in mind that the hot tools and chemicals are on the same hair every time, as opposed to your natural hair which grows and reinvents over time. Use less heat and move the blowdryer around to distribute the heat evenly, so that you don’t burn or dry out the hair. Natural hair has a silky texture, and both hair and silk tend to crunch up when overheated or burned. We recommend that you have your wig blow-dried by a professional stylist to ensure that your wig stays in good condition.

The hair in a natural wig is particularly sensitive and delicate. Therefore, please take special care to use only quality hair products for its upkeep. Always keep it away from extreme heat and remember that wearing it wet or in damp conditions will cause frizziness. By treating your wig properly, you will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

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Judy’s Guide for Choosing Wig Styles and Lengths

Wig Lengths

You can add some long layers for extra bounce and personality. Long layers should be blended naturally and shaped to frame your face.

Shorter styles are usually easier to manage and require less maintenance.

A bob is an elegant style and a great way to shape your face while making a statement.

Short styles, especially choppy layers, will emphasize bone structure, to make your eyes look larger and lips look fuller.

If you are looking to have a style with bangs, try slightly wispy and angled bangs to flatter your face without cutting the line of your face too harshly.

Wig Styles and Bone Structure

If you have strong bone structure, you should try a short wig which stands up straighter, looks fuller and softens your features.

For a narrow face, choose a mid length style, halfway between long and short. The longer your wig, the more layered it should be, to add volume at the sides.

The ideal style for a round face is a longer wig which will downplay the fullness of your face. A short cut can work if you keep the back longer than the front.

Try wispy, side-swept bangs for a long face to add balance.

If you have a heart-shaped face, you can carry off full bangs cut straight across the face. Long or short, it looks great!

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Wig Professionals: Educating Yourself is the Key to Success!

Judy Wig Professional

Judy offers informative and resourceful wig stylist courses at her wig salon in Brooklyn, New York. Be introduced to our new Star Collection and the Custom Design Collection, showing today’s latest styles. Learn about all the current and innovative hair techniques and products here at Judy Wigs. If you are looking to become a professional wig stylist, Judy has the solution for you.

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