Caring for and Maintaining a Wig

The best way to take care of your wig is to treat it as well as your own hair. All the rules of washing, drying and wearing apply to both your natural hair and your natural hair wig.

Washing a wig: A wig made of natural hair needs nourishment and care just like your own hair. This means your wig should be shampooed, conditioned and nourished at least once every 5-6 weeks. We recommend that you have this done by a professional stylist.

Drying a wig: When you wash your wig, allow the wig to dry in an open area until slightly damp before blow-drying. When you blow-dry the wig, keep in mind that the hot tools and chemicals are on the same hair every time, as opposed to your natural hair which grows and reinvents over time. Use less heat and move the blowdryer around to distribute the heat evenly, so that you don’t burn or dry out the hair. Natural hair has a silky texture, and both hair and silk tend to crunch up when overheated or burned. We recommend that you have your wig blow-dried by a professional stylist to ensure that your wig stays in good condition.

The hair in a natural wig is particularly sensitive and delicate. Therefore, please take special care to use only quality hair products for its upkeep. Always keep it away from extreme heat and remember that wearing it wet or in damp conditions will cause frizziness. By treating your wig properly, you will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

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