Judy’s Guide for Choosing Wig Styles and Lengths

Wig Lengths

You can add some long layers for extra bounce and personality. Long layers should be blended naturally and shaped to frame your face.

Shorter styles are usually easier to manage and require less maintenance.

A bob is an elegant style and a great way to shape your face while making a statement.

Short styles, especially choppy layers, will emphasize bone structure, to make your eyes look larger and lips look fuller.

If you are looking to have a style with bangs, try slightly wispy and angled bangs to flatter your face without cutting the line of your face too harshly.

Wig Styles and Bone Structure

If you have strong bone structure, you should try a short wig which stands up straighter, looks fuller and softens your features.

For a narrow face, choose a mid length style, halfway between long and short. The longer your wig, the more layered it should be, to add volume at the sides.

The ideal style for a round face is a longer wig which will downplay the fullness of your face. A short cut can work if you keep the back longer than the front.

Try wispy, side-swept bangs for a long face to add balance.

If you have a heart-shaped face, you can carry off full bangs cut straight across the face. Long or short, it looks great!

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