Wigs – Making a Fabulous Fashion Statement!

What do you think of when you see a wig? I used to associate wigs with medical hair loss or as a Jewish hair covering. Over the last few years, as fashion go’s forward wigs have become very trendy as they are used by celebrities, hair stylists and anybody just looking to get a new look any day. If you cut your hair to chin length, you can’t expect it to grow back overnight for a longer style. Wigs give you the flexibility to have a layered bob one day, a pony tail the next day and then a beautiful long layered wig for a fancy evening event. Maybe you’ell decide to start with your natural darker hair color for the wig and spontaneously choose to “go blond”. If you can add variety to your wardrobe with different colors and styles, why not do the same to your hair with some different wigs? Call Judy Wigs at (866) JUDY-WIGS to schedule a free consultation and find out how we can give you the ultimate wig wardrobe!

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