Judy Wigs Welcomes the Warm Weather with a Full Line of Spring & Summer Wig Styles

Spring is in the air with Summer on the way, and with the new season approaching, there are new demands and trends for “cooler” hair styles.

Among the many wig collections at Judy Wigs, we offer a large selection of wigs that provide our customers with a chic and comfortable look for the summer months. We are proud to have created wigs that make women feel natural, beautiful and happy for every season and occasion.

Pony Tail WigThe Pony Tail wig (Custom Design Collection), which is a long layered wig with a multidirectional top and a stretch lace cap, is the most popular style throughout the year and especially in the summer. Our Pony Tail wig is specially designed with long layered hair, a much lighter weight and a natural hairline for the most natural, comfortable look. As the saying goes: “There is only one proper way to wear beautiful hair – to forget you’re wearing it.” For those customers that prefer longer wigs, this is a great solution so that you can keep the hair off your back without giving up the hair altogether.

The favorite summer styles are the Lola and Retro Bob wigs.

The Lola wig (Star Collection) is a short layered bob with a multidirectional top and a stretch lace cap.

The Retro Bob is a layered bob with a multidirectional top and a stretch lace cap. You don’t have to worry about those heavy wigs with hair covering your neck and back as you struggle with the rising outdoor temperatures. These wigs will help keep you cool and comfortable. They’re so light and natural, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a wig.

We believe that every woman has a natural style all her own, and her wigs accentuate the individual style, beauty and spirit of every woman. We view every wig and every woman who will wear it, as a beauty waiting to blossom. Our selection of styles and hair types offer every woman the elegance and unmistakable grace she desires and deserves.

Call Judy Wigs at (866) JUDY-WIGS to schedule a free consultation and to find out more about our exclusive summer collections!

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