Natural Wigs for Medical and Hair Loss Issues

Medical Hair Loss WigsJudy and her team of specialized wig consultants understand the challenges and issues related to medical hair loss. Judy Wigs offers products and services for all types of alopecia, cancer/chemotherapy, female pattern baldness, thinning, burns and other medical side effects. In many cases, your Health Insurance will cover the purchase of your new Judy Wig. Judy Wigs are recognized for their natural styles, so you can feel comfortable with your new look. Read what our clients have to say about Judy Wigs!

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Handling Your Wig in Rain, Snow and Wind

Judy Wigs offers tips and guides about how to care for your wig to keep it looking fresh and beautiful. Wearing your wig in wet or damp conditions may cause frizziness, although you can restore the wig’s beauty by washing the wig and nourishing with quality hair care products. If you get caught in the rain, leave the wig and let it dry in its shape. Once the wig is dry, you can simply brush through a straight wig with a wig brush or a curly wig with your fingers. If there’s a lot of residue (spray or dust) and the  wig is sticky, it’s best to take the wig to your local wig style professional.

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How to Care for Your Hair

How many days could you comfortably go without washing your hair before you would feel the overwhelming need to scrub your scalp and remove the smells, chemicals, and environmental elements? How long could you go without combing or brushing your hair before it tangles, knots, or overall appearance would begin to bother you or weigh on your self-esteem?

If you are like most people, the answer is, “about two days…maximum”. Why is it then, that most women who are wearing wigs and quality hair pieces seem to think they can wash their wigs, weaves, and toupees once a month or every other month? Could you wear your natural hair for a month without washing it? Of course not!

The way you care for your hair is exactly the same way you should care for your wig. Your wig needs to be washed and conditioned to maintain moisture and keep the hair healthy.

You also need to consider the color of the hair in your wig as some colors will tend to oxidize and require a toner treatment to revive the natural highlights and restore the health and vitality of your wig.

You should also consider the environment you live in and the weather when you think about how often your hair- wig needs to be washed; If you wear your hair a few hours a day or for an entire work day and commute, you are exposed to more of the elements, pollution, and airborne aromas. All of these factors impact how often you should wash your hair.

As a general rule, a wig that is worn daily should be washed as soon as you notice it is not styling easily, looks flat or has lost its luster.

It is always best when considering a wash, dry and set, that you speak to your hair care professional (and let them take good care of your hair) to know how to best care for your hair. Every wig is special in its own way and may require a little more effort for some colors and styles. Whatever you decide to do, remember, “your hair is your finest accessory” and you want to wear it well. Keep it clean. When you are not wearing it, place it properly on a head form to keep it in the right shape and prevent any folds or tangles. See your hair care professional regularly to maintain your wig and keep it lasting as long as possible.

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Comparing Wig Textures and Styles

Judy Wigs wants to make your wig purchase a pleasant experience. Here are some of our suggestions that can get you started on the quest for your new wig. If you are looking for a straight wig, you can check out Athena, Freedom or Elle. Belle or S-18 are great if you’re looking for a wig with a little more body. Chelsea, Palermo and Amore are the ideal styles for someone who wants the more natural, wavy look. If you like the curly look, try Fusion, Euphoria or Kendall for that extra personality and bounce. Feel free to browse through our wig style gallery for more great looks or contact Judy Wigs directly for a free consultation.

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How to Choose a Great Wig

Judy Wigs Style GalleryFinding the perfect wig can be a daunting task. You want to have a comfortable fit, natural style and an affordable price. The Judy Wigs experienced wig stylists and consultants understand your needs and are “hair” to guide you through the entire process. Our new website and wig style blog have valuable resources to help you choose your wig color, wig style and custom fit. You name it, we’ve got it – long wigs, short wigs, straight wigs, wavy wigs, curly wigs and even custom wigs. Judy wigs are available with monofilament tops, multi-directional tops, and French tops to meet your personal style needs. Visit our online style gallery, call our wig specialist, or make an appointment at our wig salon in Brooklyn to find a wig that meets your standards and style needs.

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Change is in the Air

Judy Wigs Brooklyn Wig SalonIf you have been thinking you need a major change; whether it’s your wardrobe, relocation, or finding a new job, there may be an easier, softer way to achieve an instant change that may set your life back on track.

The time has never been better for a hairstyle change that will take you from 80’s ‘leftover’ or the one-length ‘plain Jane’ to fresh and fantastic in a flash. Whether you go from long to short, short to spiky, long to layered, or layered to bobbed…the change is going to accentuate you’re your life, redirect your energy, and make you feel great about yourself again.

Not ready to take the plunge and ‘cut’ away at the little things that bother you? How about a new color? Red is always in and highlights or lowlights are all the fashion from runway to getaway. Take an old wig and make it new again with a great color treatment. Gail L. from Long Beach wanted to have red hair like the rest of her family and after a blonde wig oxidized; she brought it back to new life with a rich color treatment and deep conditioning.

Change does not have to be costly and it doesn’t have to be permanent. Try something different, come in and try on a style you never would have picked before. You may be completely surprised at how good a new look can make you feel. It is the right season, and change is definitely in the air.

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The Best Wig to Make it The Best Summer

Summer is in the air and our thoughts turn to spending more time out in the summer sun and fresh air. Picking the right wig makes a big impact in the way you feel. The fabulous new hair makes it possible to turn thoughts to enjoying the summer weather. The best wig to make it the best summer possible is one that is high quality, light, airy, and easy to wear.

Let’s face it. All wigs are not the same. Judy wigs are very fashionable and made of exceptional material. Now, lets take a look at the best wig to make it the best summer. Fashion magazines show that hair styles this summer are short and very cool looks. The shorter style wigs help you keep your cool even during the biggest heat wave. Cut your hair styling time down to a few minutes when you wear a wig made with high quality hair. Say goodbye to the frizzy hair and limp hair days. Wearing a wig during the summer is a convenience and a pleasure. Take a look at a few of the best-known celebrities. These celebrities are rocking the shorter looks during the summer with fakes. As you know, many celebs are concerned about maintaining a certain image. Many refuse to cut their hair even during the hot summer months. The wigs make it possible to try the fabulous shorter looks during the summer without cutting hair. A brand-new hair do waiting for you. Give it a try this summer!
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The Hair is where it is

It is an unfortunate reality that we all tend to judge others by the way they look. Then again, in this hustle and bustle world, we rarely have time for a deeper look at he outset of any meeting. So it is best to always try and look your best. This is why your hairstyle is important to the way you look, as well as to how others look at you.

This is not a call to vanity, or to any shallow approach to interactions, but it is a call to making that all-important first impression. This is especially important in matters of business, where first impressions can make or break many deals. The clothes we wear, the way we walk and talk, and of course, they way we wear our hair come quickly into play.

So how is that wig working out for you? Do you hold your head up high and strut with confidence? Or are too many days bad hair days? If your wig is simply not working out the way you would like, maybe it would be a good idea to quit fighting it and get a Judy wig.

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Why Judy?

Why Judy? Ask yourself, what you would expect from the best wig company in the 21st century? Our answer to you is style, beauty, and artistry. Which is exactly what you can expect from Judy Wigs.
This is our secret formula for the ultimate in wig creations. Style is a natural part of making hair that is a perfect fit for the customer. Each wig we make is a combination of the best designs and sculpted to meet your highest standards. Fashionable and passionate like hair should feel when worn.Beauty is the magic of making every wig like the wearer was born with it. Functional and beautiful wigs to be worn anywhere is what we make for our clients. All of our wigs are customized to fit the looks of the individual for whom it is made.Artistry is the use of high-tech combinations of materials both natural and synthetic. All our wigs utilize the best mix of fabrics, silk, cotton, lace, synthetic fibers, and human hair. We use everything at our disposal to match the scalp and colors to you individually.

We are not just highly fashionable in the world of wig design, we are also high-tech in our use of the most modern manufacturing processes for our wigs. We service all customers with wearable, durable, realistic, and replacement hair design. We cater to the costume wig wearer and clients who have suffered hair loss. No detail is too minor, our clients are given our full attention and expertise. There is nowhere that will offer you the standards of excellence in hair design like you will find at Judy Wigs.

Why Judy? Because any other wig is just a copy. Judy Wigs, where hair is just the beginning.

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Style Queens VS Fisherman

For the first time in 40 years, Philip Greenlee cannot get the choice feathers he ties into fishing lures to tempt trout from the blue-ribbon streams in the western United States. A new nationwide trend of attaching feathers to hair, known as feather extensions, has spurred a run on the decorative plumage of designer roosters produced at just three farms in thecountry.

Until this year, the long, skinny and spine-free feathers were the almost exclusive province of fly-fishing devotees. Now the multibillion-dollar beauty industry is hawking feather extensions, triggering a shopping frenzy that has pitted fishers against fashionistas.

Hair stylists are snapping up feathers at a rate that has exhausted stocks at fly fishing shops at the peak of trout fishing season from the Rockies to the Appalachians. In the laid-back and historically genteel culture of fly fishing, throngs of feather-seeking, cash-flashing hairdressers are causing consternation.

“We’ve got these blond gals attaching feathers to their hair, we’ve got people from California and Colorado calling us; it’s like we’re sitting on a pot of gold,” Duane Schreiner, owner of Bighorn Fly and Tackle in Montana, told Reuters.

Since January, demand for the specialty feathers – a fad fanned by the stars of TV series such as “American Idol” and “Glee” sporting the extensions – has left anglers high and dry even as it has boosted profits for farmers who raise the fowl. BAFFLED CHICKEN FARMERS Prices for some packages of the distinctive feathers, known as hackles, have soared from $60 to $400 as supplies have dwindled for a product that takes roosters one year to grow.

A hackle of black and white stripes, or grizzly, is most sought after by both the beauty and sporting goods industries. Salon operators say clients prefer the striking pattern, which is also prized by anglers for its buoyancy and resemblance to insect wings.

Greenlee, president of the Federation of Fly Fishers, an international nonprofit in the state of Montana, said the craze threatens the time-honoured tradition of crafting lures, or fly tying. The lures, or flies, rely on feathers perfected over decades of selective breeding, imitating mayflies and other aquatic insects favoured by cold water fish.

Feather extensions, which can hold up for weeks amid routine washing and styling, range from $8 to $15 per feather. Hana Johnson, president of Hair Flairs, a Florida company that distributes feathers and other beauty products to salons in the United States and Canada, said she has sold a million feathers so far this year. That compares to 3,000 in 2010. “We’ve been spinning our little feather wheels like hamsters since day one,” she said.

Hair Flairs has already bought the bulk of feathers that will be produced in 2012 by Bill Keough at Keough Hackles in southwest Michigan.

Keough said he is as surprised as anyone to find himself at the head of a hairstyling movement. “I’m not a trendsetter, I’m not a hair fashion designer, I’m a chicken farmer,” said Keough, who raises about 25,000 roosters with the desired hackles. Keough welcomes the growth of the one-time niche market but is stung by the criticism of animal activists, who dislike the practice of euthanizing birds to harvest their feathers. Keough said the roosters must be pampered to produce champion plumage, which is why they are fed by hand and some flocks range freely. “I’ve spent 37 years of my life taking care of them; they are my pride and joy,” he said.

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