At Judy Wigs, we truly believe that,

"what you wear begins with your hair!"

At Judy Wigs, our ultimate wish is for you to feel beautiful and at home in your hair. We believe that hair is a part of your beauty regimen. All of our designs are made with your comfort and lifestyle in mind. A woman needs a wig that shows her confidence and personal strength because “Beauty begins with your hair.” A Judy Wig brings out the best in every woman whether running the show, on the run, or on the runway!

Every Judy Wig starts with meticulous hand selection of hair from the European and Asian markets. Combining today’s technology with tried and true methods and simple styling, Judy Wigs is proud to continue our decades-long tradition as a wig creation industry leader. Many of our repeat clients come from generations within single families! Their loyalty simply means that we are doing our jobs properly, while offering the highest quality wigs available!

Our clients count on Judy Wigs because we offer a variety of important benefits including:
• More than 35 years of wig creation experience!
• All of our wigs are lightweight, comfortable and natural looking
• Our combination of high technology and wig creation expertise